Mending the Web

I just can’t seem to get away from the people I know and love.  I’m constantly haunted by the potential of being spotted on the web by someone. Between myface, spacebook, twitter tweeting, or gmail buzzing in my ears–there’s nowhere to hide.

Sometimes I wind up stalking people for hours, when my intentions were to send an e-mail.  I mean, a girl’s gotta check her gmail to make sure she gets that second job interview, right? Yep! The thing is, I can’t continue to hide from my computer and the folks on the other end of it. Or should I hide?  Perhaps being mindful of my over usage will free up time so that I can focus on the development of my real life, instead of my avatar.

So what shall we ever do? Let’s mend the web! Remember that awful cliche: quality vs. quantity? Let’s use our chats as forums for book clubs, cooking, writing, knitting clubs, or homework help sites. Let’s stop bitching about our boyfriends and bosses every time we log onto a web site. Let’s become more involved with what our parents hobbies are instead of avoiding their phone calls. Let’s use the internet more wisely and mend the frayed ends websites have created in our brains.

If there were a study performed based on the long term effects of signing onto multiple accounts per hour–it would probably uncover some disgusting side-effects.  I’d rather not even go there.  Instead, I say we challenge ourselves to a more quality driven day of internet usage. A day of mending the wholesome things about life into our web regime. Have you ever noticed that those folks who rarely update their facebook status’ receive much more attention those who over-update? I do…

One thought on “Mending the Web

  1. OH my god, I’m reading this for the first time in two years and cringing at how ridiculously cheerful and gung-ho I was about trying to use the internet less. So I have to say to you, “Self, you have no idea what you’re going to be like in 2012. Self, you now own an iPhone, work online for a living, and still constantly lurk people all day. Nothing has changed”.

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