In the Year 3030 Everybody Wants To Be a DJ

Hello my party people. This is going to be a happening weekend. I think there’s like five different DJ’s I’d like to see, which means I’m planning on burning a hole in the pockets of my leather skirt.

I don’t know about you, but have you noticed that everyone and their kittens are DJ’s?! Isn’t that radical? I think it’s great that you can’t judge someone’s musical taste by their style or lack thereof.  I went to see some dude from Philly spin last night in the SOMA and I realized that he was an absolute dork. I mean the brother had a small salt and pepper fro, glasses, and the scent of his cologne reminded me of a girl I used to know.

But his skills were off the hook! Of course he’s been a DJ for like 20 years or some shit like that, but it made me realize that DJ-ing is not a dying trend, nor will it ever be played out. You know why? Because people love music! Of course, there are those folks who say they don’t like music, or they’re sick of it, but fuck those people, right? All I’m trying to say is that music is really all we have to link us together. You’ve heard it all before, that music is the universal language. (Although, I’d say love and sex are more universal, but you know what I’m getting at.) It’s something we can all relate to—move to, snap our fingers to. DJ-ing hits the masses—the ability to cover a full spectrum of styles, sounds and eras all within minutes!

So, while we gear of up for the Spring Equinox tomorrow, turn up your headphones, tweeters, speakers, car stereos and give praises to the Disc Jockey!

3 thoughts on “In the Year 3030 Everybody Wants To Be a DJ

  1. Yeah! I can’t wait for you to DJ at Zauber! We fucking love music and that’s why we do what we do…even if no one shows up we’ve got a dance floor and some sweet jams all to ourselves so it’s always worth it.

    x to the o babe!

  2. Can’t wait for you to spin at Zauber! I am so excited!

    Don’t you have a coat like the one that kitty is wearing? 😉 Super cute.

    And you’re right. Everyone loves music so everyone will always love the DJ and the music makers. I have never met anyone who doesn’t like some form of music…. and if I did I would think they were really weird. Thats the truth.

  3. not liking music is like not liking food… damn breathatarians

    … and everyone’s a dj… in their head… God gave us the iPod so we could all manifest that dream… Thank you God… or wait, was it Steve Dobbs?

    wish i was gonna be in town next week… i’ve been having FOMO since you told me it was NEXT wednesday…damn world, making us have to go out and actually MAKE A LIVING! (overly emphasized with a childlike kick/ foot scuff to the ground!)

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