Love Is In the Air and I’m Jealous.

Banana Love

Oh my goodness, people are coupling up like a bunch of protons and neutrons! When I’m on my bike, I pass couple’s holding hands on the street corners, on the sidewalks and even on their damn bikes. Everywhere I turn people are making out. And why shouldn’t they—it’s springtime! Women are in their pretty lil’ sundresses; and men in their cut-offs. The skin is out and in desperate need to be touched. Everyone’s having a fabulous time. Everyone but me.

Sure, I’ve had some heavy petting sessions in the past couple of weeks, but unfortunately the vast majority of my endeavours are extremely complicated and inconsistent–bringing me to the executive decision of being unattached.  I never intended on being so vocal about any of this, but I just can’t take it anymore! Waking up each morning to a room without men’s clothing thrown about has got me in the pits. I’m in a lull and I can’t get out of it.

(By the way, I’m not really that jealous.)

2 thoughts on “Love Is In the Air and I’m Jealous.

  1. Hells yeah! I know what you mean about love is everywhere. God it feels so damn good to be one of “them”. Sorry chica, Yes I did!

    I was one of those –who was definitely unattached for many years. I preferred the freedom and ease of the lifestyle; making last minute decisions to fly here, do this, ignore that… all in the name of independence and simplicity.

    Excuse the cliche’ but honestly, “when it’s right, it’s right” is so freaking true! I never thought that I would be one singing that tune, but here’s the deal… just when you least expect it, love finds you. So hang on sistah, cuz IT will find you.

  2. real men don’t wear cut offs… its so 1985 hair band. and 2010 gay.
    … no offense to all “my gays” out there. i love you.

    you know my recent fetish?…. the new Hesher… it’s like 7 parts classic Hesher, 2 parts hipster and 1 part dirty trucker.

    I know it may seem like the dirty trucker was a standard hesher thing before, but no. Classic Hesher style can be broken down to; all black (save any logo’s…and occasionally jeans) well worn and abused black or light blue denim ( none of that bourgy indigo wash) wild long hair, Misfits and Metalicca T-shirts a must, and the classic strangely cool bad posture slump to the side.

    This new crop of Heshers seems so much cooler than the ones of my day. ( with the exception of the years 1988-1992, when Hesher was end all be all of style, though they called the trend Grunge)

    new heshers, they can rock cut offs and make it look hot.

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