Mundo Via Afrika

Lately I’ve kind of been going through a self-diagnosed, melodramatic manic depressive phase. But today my eyes flickered opened into a world of light and mirth. Last night, I agreed to help a friend with a last minute project for the 2010 World Cup.  I completely forgot that the World Cup takes place in South Africa this year—the first time hosted by an African Nation! It begins June 11, and ends around July 11.  Only when I’m hanging with foreigners do I realize how massively worldly football/soccer is.  Being first generation American to Liberian parents, you’d think I’d know what’s up. Nope.

Being worldly is infectious. It especially effects those of us who get caught up the same scene. The ordinary. Though my city has a multicultural mindset, there isn’t much of an actual blend of cultures. We have more of what you would call multiple gentrified communities. Thus explaining my slight pitfall into self-pity. I was beginning to feel different—different in a bad way.  I noticed that too often I compare myself to others.  I compared myself to the people I see on the street day in and day out; wealthy people, neighborhood bums, and hipster puppies.

I’m not talking about this kind of hipster puppy.  I’m talking about the ones that are so young and tragically hip, that you can’t help but to reevaluate; noticing just how uncool you actually are. I never used to mind, I sort of consider myself to be healthy in the self esteem and actualization department. But the observations wouldn’t quit.

“What’s your point young lady?!!?”

My point is that we shouldn’t forget about the rest of the world and our place in it.  And while lip singing lyrics to a World Cup song titled, “MUNDO VIA AFRIKA (C’MON YEAH – BASS UP 4db) (master)“, I realized there is a great big exciting, gritty, ghetto, funky fresh world around us. There’s so much going on. We should be apart of it rather than being absorbed by our arrogent insecurties.  So take my advice and try not to get into a rut next time you see someone who you think is better off or better looking than you.  Remember to let that little light shine inside of you. Be different. Be bold. Hell, be boring—but just do you.

3 thoughts on “Mundo Via Afrika

  1. hehe… i see a bit of our conversation the other day in here. well spoken.

    as i keep reading these something comes to mind… by the end of it, i want more. i don’t want you to stop. right as i’m really sinking my teeth into the story, it’s over… i say go ape shit write more on some of these topics, go deeper. i know they’re blogs but your mind is luscious and it’s fun to get in there for a minute. don’t be afraid to go balls deep!

  2. M-
    thankyou for this very REAL reminder…..everyone needs a wake up call now and then. This is just what i needed to hear : ) thanks for being you.

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