TGIF Throwback

I went to Dolores Park’s Movie Night yesterday evening. It was a riot.  In a crowd of over two-thousand strangers, us ladies and two doggies laid in the park; covered with blankets and stars as we watched Back To the Future on a projection screen. I was delighted by the excitement of those surrounding us. It was easy to become one of those ghetto movie-goers who clap, cheer and shout at the screen, but I wasn’t alone and that made it fun! While sitting there in the dark with a flask in my hand, images of childhood television shows and 90’s pop-culture filled my subconscious.

Dinosaurs was one of those TGIF television shows that only lasted a few seasons but it still burned catch phrases like, “Not the Mama,” into my brain.  What I enjoyed the most about the show was its similarities to Howie the Duck and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (TMNT being one of my all-time favorites)  In retrospect, I appreciate the grittiness of television shows and movies that were around those days. It portrayed dysfunctional aspects of the American family and society with characters that were animals, instead of using a specific nationality or race. Whatever happened to that?

I’m not trying to get too deep, cause it’s Friday and I’m hungover, but I thought maybe this would cure your TGIF fix.

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