The Unglamorous, Glamorous Life

I’ve reluctantly come to terms with the fact that I’m a simple woman.  Simple-minded—never, but simply uncomplicated. Whenever I wake up, before and if I decide to put on my make-up, I brush my teeth, floss and wash my face.  Sometimes I comb my hair, other times just a braid. And yeah I’ll bust out the flat-iron from time to time. That’s about it.

I don’t own expensive accessories or clothing–never have.  I don’t smother Channel eye cream on my face (although it couldn’t possible do me any harm), I certainly don’t have a housekeeper or dog-walker. Until adulthood I rarely had my own room; and back-to-school shopping took place in consignments stores before they were “sustainably hip”.

I’d be a rotten liar if I said I wasn’t intrigued by high-end products.  I would absolutely love to get a facial at least once in my life, or even a real massage.  If you came to my doorstep with a poster-board check of one-million dollars written out to me, I’d probably cash it and purchase all types of gaudy crap.

The story is, I know of other ways to make myself feel and look good.  My wealth comes from healthy food, sleep, sex, water, love, and not giving a fuck.  With these tools I am able to manifest a glamorous life. A life where I have the luxury to work from bed.  A life where afternoon play dates are abundant.  I can walk my dog three times a day and ride my bike to the office to check my in-box.  I can do yoga four times a week.  And if I choose, I will work and strenuous 9-to-5  schedule.

Yep. You’re damn right! I don’t have a lot of money, but I do work hard for what I have.  And in this life without Channel I still feel glamorous walking down the street–when my man looks into my eyes I know that I am the most sexy woman alive.  After a good conversation with my mother, I feel like a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. And whilst eating locally grown organic food,  pores close up and my skin is smooth like milk chocolate–ready for a damn HD close-up.

What I’m trying to say in this long-winded bedtime journal entry, is, despite my lack of high-end goods and services I am still living an outrageously glamorous life.

Are you?

4 thoughts on “The Unglamorous, Glamorous Life

  1. I am a glamourous hard working woman! That is part of the subject line that I used in my email/cover letter for the job interview that I just landed in New York at a Fashion Photography Studio! The interviewer emailed me after I talked to him on the phone and said that he looked at my resume because the subject line made him laugh, out of hundreds of emails/resumes! I love being glamourous in my own way and showing it! Love you Double D!! How are we soooo on the same page!?

  2. damn girl, i want some of my glamour back! now that liam is 5 months old, maybe it’s time to get out of my daily sweats ( as in pants & hoodie, not native american cleansing ritual) and return to the life of low key glamour…i always said that i feel the most fly in a jeans, a pair of hoops, and a sweet smile . no need for high end fashion here….xo

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