Solo Splendour

Damn.  It’s been a while and I apologize.  Don’t know where all the time went, but let’s just say I was on a birthday bender.  Sure, this bender included some drinking and irrational, exciting, spontaneous decision-making.  But this bender was more of an emotional bender.  I’ve come out of my bender this morning with an epiphany I’d like to share with all of you.  Even if the only person reading this morning is you.

Often times I’ve notice myself and others go through phases of static.  Times where we begin searching–yearning for a new friend, lover, or pair of shoes that will surge our life with the desire we’ve been lacking.  You know just as much as I do that none of those things really change our personal state of existence.  Those new pair of shoes are going to hurt your feet.  That new friend is probably a genuinely kind and generous person, but so are your old friends.

Why not instead find splendor in your solitude.  It’s an amazing gift, solitude (my mother always used to tell me that–having four daughters and whatnot).  Truly being with ourselves  can sometimes be a frightening place, but it’s home. Home is safe and warm. Home is a place where we are allowed to be our original selves.  Who cares if someone doesn’t bond with you.  Who cares if someone thinks your jokes are inappropriate.  You think your jokes are funny.  You think you look good in those ridiculous purple pants and that’s really all that matters.

The oil painting above is titled, “Solo Splendour”. I came across this many months ago while searching for sexual representations of fruit. Haha! What I found striking about this piece, was how happy and proud this lone cherry looks. The artist describes it much better than I;

“This distinctly shaped Chilean cherry is often thought to be the result of artistic license applied to an apple. A Gestalt teacher of mine, the late Lisbet Trier Rosner, once mentioned that the ideal state to strive for, regardless of marital status, was to be alone and not lonely. This image is a celebration of arriving at that elusive place. I thank all the maverick trail blazers who, throughout the decades before me, paved the way. A recently single woman who was drawn to this image when she came across my printed invitation to Feast Your Eyes bought the original sight unseen after she read the encouraging title.”

One thought on “Solo Splendour

  1. Hey there M, I am enjoying your posts. This is so heartfelt and honest. I recently got engaged and it makes me think about finding the balance between being in a committed relationship and carving out a life for myself. Being in a place where one can enjoy his or her own company is a lovely place to be. I applaud your effort towards getting to that place.

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