Kitten Fever

It’s kitten season here in California and as I cried over my keypad, I realized that there are over 100 cats and dogs currently at the SFSPCA that need a home.  No, I’m not an animal advocate.  But for the past six years of adulthood, I’ve been a pet owner.  On Christmas eve of 2009 a dear friend called me while at my parent’s house to inform me of my 8-month-old kitten’s death.  I never found out what happened, but I’m slowly getting over the loss, (Cole was his name).

I won’t bore you with how sad this made me, but I believe that loss is loss. Every time I think of him it brings me to tears. There are A LOT of animals  in this country that are homeless and it’s because of human negligence.  I’m not sure how you feel about the soul of an animal.  I myself assume that their tiny thumping hearts are just as important as ours.  The life force that pumps blood into their veins and gives them a personality is in fact their soul.  Animals are great teachers—some even greater companions than humans.

I went to the SPCA a couple of months ago to look for a new kitten but couldn’t bring myself to actually adopting one.  It’s really sad going into a pet adoption center and even more pathetic when you walk out without a pet.

It’s true, they require a responsible owner.  But I adopted my dog when I was 21-years-old. I was certainly not the most ideal puppy-mama. I’d come home drunk and upset with him for relieving himself in my kitchen.  I’d cry hysterically on the phone with my mother when coming home from work to find vintage high-heels half eaten.  I’ve spent the night out in a man’s bed instead of coming back home to let my dog out–but my dog would still be happy to see me.  After six years together I have a very well-behaved, healthy and happy pouch.  I don’t travel as much as I would like to, but we make it work.  And you know what, he’s given me more real love than I ever could ask for.  He’s changed my life forever.  So after we lost our kitten Cole, I noticed that my dog was also going through loss and confusion.

Next week I’m going back to the SFSPCA with gusto and I’m going to cuddle with kittens until one of them comes home with me. If you’re in the animal market, I encourage you to do the same.

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