Back To School Playlist (Free Listen)

Some are old, some new.  Either way they’re tunes that’ll get you stoked to be back in school. As much as I’d like to say music is my life, I haven’t been buying much new stuff.  That was until last night.  I did some drunk shopping on turntablelab.  I love that website–it’s the devil.  A friend also mentioned that insound has some summer deals.  I’m more than certain your local record store is on the back to school sale tip. So gear up for shorter days with some new jams. Don’t be scared. Click on those tracks below–it took a long time to upload them for you.   – __+

11. Sun

4 thoughts on “Back To School Playlist (Free Listen)

  1. Hi M

    Stumbled on to your blog accidentally…always interesting what other people are listening to…here’s my favorite version of “Fever”..(yeah I am that old)


  2. Mark,

    Glad you found M-squared! Thanks for reading and please continue to do so. Love this version of “fever”—if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t sat in a classroom in over 7 years, (and I’m NOT referring to highschool)


  3. Your “Fever ” was nice too….who did it?
    In this culture a lot of times I feel besieged with things demanding my attention and music is just a way putting that all on hold for awhile….just get a stack of records and turn off my lights and away I go..

  4. Covered By: Kerrie Byles (known as “Junior Byles”, “Chubby”, or “King Chubby” ).

    …tell me about it. I think my (modest collection of) records are one of few things that keep me happy in this life.

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