TGIF Throwback

We are living Single. Ohhh in a 90’s kind of world, I’m glad I got my girl.” I don’t know if you remember this show, but the previous phrases were lyrics to the opening song by Queen Latifa.

Several nights ago I found myself alone in excruciating pain.  My back molar had a cavity, and after years of negligence–it became infected.  It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Hands down. I was crying and screaming uncontrollably.  My neighbors must have thought I was having some crazy sex because no one came to my door to see what was wrong.  Luckily I’ve been blessed with amazing friends.  So when I called and began weeping over the phone, they scrammed to gather pain killers and whisky to relive my pain.

A dear friend of mine also underwent a frightful situation alone when her back gave out.  Thankfully she was rescued by her partner who had to break into her house–finding her on her hands and knees and immobile.

It’s really scary living alone. Especially as a woman. So this Friday as you celebrate your weekend, remember to be extra careful with yourself and give thanks to all the people who are there for you in time of need.

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