This Time Baby I’ll Be Bulletproof

This little shot above is from the film, Juice. It’s my all-time, numero uno favorite movie.  Not to mention that Tupac has the same birthday as me.  Though he’s the villain in this film, I admire his mentality.  You can tell he’s been through it all.  So now he lives life like he’s bulletproof.

Life’s lessons are a bitch.  I struggle the most when I repeat the same mistakes.  I can’t get stuck dwelling.  So I must move forward.  You know what it’s like when you’re reading a book.  You’re fully engaged—so you think.  You’re looking at the words, but it doesn’t sink in.  You find yourself reading that same sentence and paragraph over and over again until, eureka! You finally comprehend what is says.  That’s what life’s lessons sometime remind me of.  Re-reading that same damn paragraph until it finally clicks and makes sense.  No more skim reading for me.  I’m going to take in everyone word, slowly if I have to, so that I don’t miss a thing.  I must fully absorb each experience so next time i’ll be bulletproof and ready for the next obstacle that comes my way.

2 thoughts on “This Time Baby I’ll Be Bulletproof

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