I Just Called To Say

v., -phoned, -phon·ing, -phones.


  1. To speak with (a person) by telephone.
  2. To initiate or make a telephone connection with; place a call to.
  3. To transmit (a message, for example) by telephone.

WORD HISTORY   The everyday word telephone illustrates some important linguistic and etymological processes. First, the noun telephone is one of a class of technological and scientific words made up of combining forms derived from classical languages, in this case tele- and -phone. Tele- is from the Greek combining form tēle- or tēl-, a form of tēle, meaning “afar, far off,” while -phone is from Greek phōnē, “sound, voice.

Ohhh, what a phone call can do.  This may sound redundant, but in this day of age where a text is a sufficient form of communication; I was touched more than ever this past week by several phone conversations with loved ones.  My mother’s voice always seems to soothe me, (the first ten minutes at least).  As much as I screen phone calls, they still mean a lot to me.

Nothing cures my insomnia better than a long conversation.  A tender form of correspondence that ends with someone falling asleep while on the line.  Listening to sighs and smooth breathing patterns help me drift into a light coma.  A phone call is almost just as meaningful as a letter.  Or a hug.  It is a modern commodity that perhaps is the greatest gift of all time.

One thought on “I Just Called To Say

  1. I hear you M. Phone convos are so necessary and its bizarre that they’ve become a treat. I recently spoke to a friend who came back from Hawaii and it felt close to hear his voice. Much better then how we’ve been communicating. Cute orange phone.

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