TGIF Throwback “Night Court”

Now this is a television show I recently had a remember when moment with. With a long shelf life, this aired on NBC from 1984-1992.  Comedy did really well in the late eighty’s to early nineties.  I recall the heavy jazz opening song and backwards comedy that was way above my head at the time of its original broadcast.

While riding my bicycle home 2 o’clock this morning from 3rd and Harrison to the mission, I thought of a million reasons why someone might be in court in the middle of the night.  Though Night Court‘s setting was in Manhattan, I’m more than certain some San Franciscans can get into enough trouble to make a trip down to San Francisco’s Superior Night Court on 850 Bryant street.   Judge Harry T. Slone may not be there.  Nonetheless it’s a nighttime educational experience of the judicial system, if nothing else.  I also read somewhere that one of the judges are “hawt”.

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