The Fall Equinox and Biological Clocks

Today (September 22) at 8:09 p.m., Pacific Standard time, marks the Fall Equinox.  The approximate 12-hour day and 12-hour night cycle triggers mammals throughout the planet to prepare for shorter days and longer nights.  You may not know but the equinox is also celebrated by the Mayan, Bengali, Mandan, Aztec, Taino, Roman, Greek and an insane amount of other cultures.  This is a time to gather and store and celebrate ripeness. And what do mammals do with the surplus of nighttime hours and ripeness. We get it on. Knock the boots.

All but caribou, aka reindeer.

Their biological clocks, “just become missing” says biologist, Andrew Loudon.  In the Arctic, nights are extremely long.  Though caribou do everything else according to natures plan such as gathering, eating and sleeping, ” the evolution has come up with a means of switching off the cellular clockwork,” some dood Loudon said. “Such daily clocks may be positively a hindrance in environments where there is no reliable light-dark cycle for much of the year.”

Tribes and indigenous cultures of the northern hemisphere such as the Gwich’in, Naskapi, and Nunamiut people have also noticed a decline in the caribou due to climate change, (yeah, I went there).  Autumn storms, snow depth, and rates of snow melt play a role in the environment caribou need in order to survive and apparently to fuck.  What’s more, the decline affects the economy and spiritual relationship between the caribou and the indigenous community.

I’m not going to give you any solution on how to lessen your footprint, to quit hunting dear, or to do a thesis project on why the caribou no longer has signs of a biological clock.  I instead ask you to enjoy the season that lays ahead of you.  Cuddle, make-out, stay in and finish that book you started last summer, begin a new project, bake shortbread.  I don’t care what you do, (and this may be the only time I ever say this) but enjoy your biological clock and be happy yours ticks.

One thought on “The Fall Equinox and Biological Clocks

  1. Happy Autumn M

    Thanks for sharing this, I am so ready for the switch. I’m glad I know the exact time. I will enjoy fall and all that it brings, including and increase in libido 🙂
    Much love


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