The Superintendent Diaries Vol. II

Koshtifa rolled to the corner of her bed awake at a quarter ’till 8. Luckily she changed the timer box in the boiler room, so there was steam heat circulating from her radiator. Yet, the hardwood floors were cold underneath her feet, which kept her from walking to the bathroom. It instead kept her in bed.

After 40 minutes of snoozing, Koshtifa awoke with less gusto than she had before. It was always a bad idea to drift back asleep. “Ugh,” she sighed quietly to herself not, to wake her dog. If he heard that she was awake, he’d insist upon going out. She certainly wasn’t in the mood for a walk, let alone bagging dog crap. Besides, he went late last night and could certainly wait until she brushed her teeth and hair.

Steam heat has come along way, but not in Koshtifa’s building. Once a week she’d go down into the blazing boiler room to drain some awful grayish-brown water from the pipe.  To releasing the water pressure. Often times the pent up air bubbles and backed up water would create a hammering noise.  Tenants had no troubles ringing her phone off the hook with complaints about the noise. Especially the retired couple that lived below her.

Luckily today wasn’t a day where Koshtifa dealt with many complaints—other than her own. Today’s number one issue was to clean the filthy building she left to collect dirt all weekend. There was far too much going on to be bothered.   She celebrated her 47th birthday this past weekend.  All alone. She had plenty on her mind. While she buzzed down the hallway with her vacuum,thoughts of companionship danced in her head.  The last time she had a male suitor was nearly seven years ago.  That old Mr. Henry didn’t count. Unless of course a foot message through panty-hose was an actual sexual experience. “He was a darling that Mr. Henry,” she mumbled under her breath.

It’s true, Mr. Charles F. Henry was Ms. Koshtifa Evan Brown’s last suitor. His salt and pepper fro was something she had grown to love and often played with between her long fingers. They grew very close, very quickly though they never actually slept with one another. Despite the lack of intercourse, Ms. Brown and Mr. Henry had a strong magnetic connection.  It took on the shape of love.  That soon changed when Henry returned from a trip to Miami.  He became distant. Something  between them changed.  Their magnets repelled each other and she never knew why.

While returned to her desk to perform some secretarial tasks, the imagery of his warm hands along her silky nylons wouldn’t shake from Kostifa’s mind. He always teased her like that.  She recalled an evening they spent together.  She was slightly bent over the stove, stirring some coconut curry.  He came up from behind her with his strong body and pressed against her supple body. She could almost feel him through her dress, as if she had nothing on. “This is it, this is the moment.” she thought, but it wasn’t. Instead of groping her, he placed his hand firmly on her right shoulder and tapped it several times, giving her a tap on the back. “Mmmm,” he shouted by her ear, “it sure smells delicious in here, Kosh—keep up the good work.”

She sighed, “Thhhanks Charles. I think it’s almost ready. Hope you’re hungry”.

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