I regrettably understand that chivalry is gone, but why do manners also follow its declining trend.  I’m amazed that there was a time not too long ago where I could step out of a taxi and my driver would open the door for me.  Taking only a few steps to the entrance of a local watering hole, I’d find another gentleman stranger opening the door with a tip of his hat.  Similar to the wave done at a baseball stadium, each man sitting on his stool would leap out of their seat—perhaps even to offer me a drink.

One can dream of the past and have unwarranted demands of people, yet I find the main theme of my list of pet peeves, “manners”, quite justifiable:

1. Not saying “please” and “thank you”.

2. Not holding the door for the person behind you; despite age, and or gender

3. Chewing with your mouth open.

4. Not (at least attempting to) wash a dish/dishes used at another persons home.

5. Not writing or calling to thank someone for a gift, dinner, sex, or any other meaningful gesture.

6. Not offering your seat in a public venue to a woman, or older person.

I hope this doesn’t scare you off, or harsh your morning mellow.  Obviously my mind is on the hater vibe.  Nonetheless I do love and believe in humankind.  This is our chance to re-teach the youth and ourselves to be kind, well-mannered individuals.  Hey, you don’t have to jump out of your seat to buy me a beverage, but maybe helping an old person across the street might feel nice.  And that’s a start.

4 thoughts on “MAN-ners

  1. Haha I’m with you M, I walked into a bagel shop today and a gentle man opened the door for me. I though it was so sweet because it’s so uncommon these days. I was using the bathroom after getting a mani pedi last week and this freakin woman tried to open the door and when she found it was locked knocked the whole time even though I said it was occupied. People have lost their sense of decency. I hear you chica.

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  3. I was raised with the notion that men and women are equal, and should be treated as such. That is why I don’t offer my seat to able bodied women on public transportation or anywhere else. Women do not need to be treated like fragile creatures that might faint if they stand up for more than a minute. It’s a sexist relic that has nothing to do with manners and everything to do with reinforcing the inferior status of women.

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