The December 21 2010 total Lunar Eclipse is at 29°21′ Gemini

Today’s night would be the entertaining night for the sky watchers because this will be treated to the only lunar eclipse of the year. The eclipse will be able to be seen today night on the West Coast and at the time of early hours Tuesday on the East Coast. It will start around 10:33 p.m. PST.

This night’s lunar eclipse may be the center of charm. It is not only astronomers who are only talking about it but common people are also interested and there are so many sky watchers will wait for the time to watch the amazing view in the sky.

As said by viewers the entire eclipse of the moon will coincide with winter solstice and it is expected that it would come into view high in the sky.

This would make the moon observable all over North and Central America. For those people who stayed in Seattle could also enjoy the moment. On the other hand, it’s totally depends on the weather conditions.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the sun, Earth and moon are all completely allied with the Earth midway. When the moon passes after the Earth, the sun’s rays are blocked from striking the moon.

Lunar eclipse can be spotted for several hours, so that the amazing scene can be enjoyed by the viewers for more time rather than solar eclipse, because this can only be seen for some moments from any specific place. Sky watchers can enjoy the sight without any telescope or special glasses or apparatus. So friends, don’t miss the view as it is the best time of this year.

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