À La Folie… Pas Du Tout

Do we really understand each other; men and women, women and women, men and men?  Between mind games, dishonestly and communication breakdowns (Mercury is in retrograde until Dec 30th), the majority of people find it difficult to properly determine the intentions or thoughts of another.  Then again, we can’t all be clairvoyant mind-readers.

Is there a way to be completely transparent with your loved ones, friends and significant others.  Can we be up front with what we want and who we are?  Why then do I feel so venerable when doing so?  Last time I was honest with a lover I was told that I was brutally honest.  WTF.  Though I often wear my heart on my sleeves and the back pocket of my mom jeans; my defense mechanism—is withdrawal—to keep my emotions at bay so they are not judged.  Trouble with that, no one is ever going to see you.  The real you that is out of control when too drunk.  The part of you that is tender with your family and animals.  The majority of us aren’t mind readers.  X-mas day has passed, so, if you want to get what you really want.  It’s time to start speaking up.  Myself included.

3 thoughts on “À La Folie… Pas Du Tout

  1. I’m with you on this one. I start out speaking up and then stop. Then I get frustrated that people can’t/won’t read my mind. I’m going to take a bit of a break from humanity, but when I return I’m communicating till I feel like shutting up.

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