The Superintendent Diaries Vol. IV

After the shower, Koshtifa was satisfied and content with life again. The record stopped and began to hiss and pop, so she quickly tip-toed out of the bathroom to flip it over—trying not to get the hardwood floors too wet. The phone rang, it was her friend Tabitha. “Yes, dear? Sure. I’ll be ready in 15 minutes.” It was a lie and both her and Tabitha knew it. Nonetheless she dressed and dashed outside the door on time. As soon as she stepped out into the hallway, there was a tenant. Startled and in motion to knock on her door. She began speaking…

“Ms. Brown. Sorry to bother you, but my key isn’t working.” Koshtifa sighed to herself and proceeded down the hallway to unit 6. She jiggled several times and with a flick of a key the door clicked and unlocked. Koshtifa asked the tenant to try it again for good measure—it opened. “That always does the trick.” She said you’re welcome, waved goodbye and continued on her way.

Kosh bolted down the stairs rather fast for a woman of her age and bone density. Tabitha was waiting in her car. Probably annoyed with her tardiness. They hopped on the freeway and cruised downtown whilst listening to the Otis Redding’s “Down in the Valley”. Tabitha had recently broken up with her lover and was in a quirky mood. Discussing how perplexed she was by the lack of motivation and courtship on her lovers part, Tabitha mulled the relationship over aloud. Koshtifa knew from the start that Barry wasn’t the best suitor for Tabitha; and slender woman with a beautiful caramel complexion and a head full of wavy auburn hair. Nonetheless Koshtifa intently listened to her dear friend and wondered herself why men’s actions were so difficult to comprehend.

“The thing is Kosh, they’re not that hard to understand. In fact, they’re quite easy. Trouble is, I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the simplicity of it all. I spend my time over analyzing the situation and myself. When it works, it works. When it doesn’t. It doesn’t.” “I guess it’s that simple, huh?” Koshtifa said with a shrug of her shoulders.

They pulled up into a parking spot, which was easier to find than usual. V.I.P. parking. This wasn’t a good sign, or was it.

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