M-squared Turns A Year Old

Oh snap. That was fast. It’s funny to think that last year on February 23rd, I joined the multi-thousand population of people arrogant enough to start their own blog. I never thought I was capable of lasting this long. I mean, with a Rising and Sun Sign in Gemini, I don’t have an outstanding reputation for commitment. Other than the exception of a few successful relationships, yoga and alcohol; I don’t think I’ve been able to stick with many things for an entire year. I kid. I’m actually not that horribly detached.

But seriously, many thanks to you for reading. For stoking the fire of desire, which keep you following along on the meandering trail of my mind. That’s what keeps M-squared alive.

I’ve come a long way since my 1st entry. I’m not exactly sure what I was trying to convey. Perhaps my fear of getting old? Strange title if you ask me. Either way, thanks for clicking. Even if it was to only look at pictures. So what have I done this past year amongst all this blogging? Well if you must know, I’ve:

1. Learned how to and successfully snaked a drain.
2.  Become a serious buffer of graffiti.
3.  Been on an alkaline-based diet colon cleanse.
4.  Learned how to change the 50-year-old ink ribbon on my typewriter.
5.  Started DJ-ing outside of my living-room.
6.  Consolidated my student loans.
7.  Attended a three-day educational seminar geared towards living an authentic life.
8.  Began a 401K Plan.
9. Experienced several mature romantic endeavors.
10. Became a blogger.
So umm, thanks again for taking time out of your tweeting and facebooking to check me out at M-squared. Be well and click play to enjoy this Tony! Toni! Tone'! track.


4 thoughts on “M-squared Turns A Year Old

  1. oh damn… if i didn’t know any better I’d think you left that Tony Toni Tone song for me…. Happy anniversary/ birthday M-squared! You tastey!

  2. Happy 1 year blogeversary!!! Ooooh and this song is perfect. Wow you’ve done some interesting things in the last year. Looking forward to reading more…much love lady!

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