TGIF Throwback — Hurricane Katrina

[I wrote this two years ago, but thought we could use a little reminder as today marks the 8th year since the disaster. Read here about what the current state is in the State of Louisiana and peep the video I posted below. The booty don’t lie.  xo, M]

It almost feels like a throwback, huh? Even though it’ll reach its six-year-anniversary this August, many Hurricane Katrina survivors are until this day displaced.  No homes.  No work.  No proper schools for their children.

Oh and remember Haiti?  Survivors in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other settlements in the region are dwelling in tents and camps.  They’re cooking over open fires and living off of relief fund leftovers.  They’re wearing our old clothing. Our old nike’s from the holidays, two years ago. You never wore them because your mother, your wife, your sister bought them in the wrong color.  Yep that’s what happening today. Right now. This Friday.  Let’s not forget. (

4 thoughts on “TGIF Throwback — Hurricane Katrina

    • No I haven’t seen the film. But I will now. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of you while writing this one. Blessings to you and yours, sweet one!


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