That New New Shit/ Spring Fever

Trouble is that new shit eventually fades. It oxidises and leaves a green ring around your finger where it once held occupancy. It makes you vomit instead of swoon. Kind of like that song, “Paper Planes” by MIA. But oh it’s so good in the beginning. So new and exciting. It’s all you think about and all you want to think about. You find no harm in the urgency of emotions, giving it your undivided attention. It sounds good, smells good, tatste good. And you’re damn right – it feels good too.

So I bought this EP on turntable lab a few weeks ago. Maluca is her name, she’s what my friend Mari calls, “The Puerto Rican MIA”. But Maluca is Dominican. Her voice is vampy and stinging. Her style is quirky and unexplainable. She’s not new to everyone–been on Mad Decent’s label since late 2009. But she’s new to me – just in time for spring. I bump this record as much as I can; picking up the needle and plopping it back to the beginning of the track until my dog gets tired of my booty swinging in his face. It’s that new new shit and its got me all excited.

2 thoughts on “That New New Shit/ Spring Fever

  1. Its funny how some songs are around for years while other good songs just disappear. I guess its just life and things change and move on. But that doesn’t stop me from bugging the hell out of my friends trying to get them to listen to old records. I enjoy too hearing what other people listen to…never would have heard your song in a thousand million years…

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