Los pies en la boca

Supermodel By: Marlene Dumas

It’s unfortunate, but I’m very successful at saying things the wrong way.  I sit there, paralyzed, vomiting words as though I have no control.  Even so I’m responsible for them–my words.  What’s the alternative?  Keeping my mouth shut.  I’ve tried that, but often times I feel too calculated.  And then people begin to ask, “Whuut are you thinking?!”

I’m no longer a child.  What I vocalize and manifest are no longer items to be taken lightly.  They are held up to my highest regard.  Although I’ve been practicing this more frequently than my spanish, I’m not fluent in either.  I’ll keep at it.

One Year Ago: Watching Daria with a Bowl of Lucky Charms in My Lap

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