Salt Across My Doorway

It’s uncanny that my last entry was titled, Mix-Tape Magic, because during the weekend, some anonymous housewhichery took place in my apartment building. I awoke Saturday afternoon to a defined line of salt sprinkled on the width of my front door.   It wasn’t a mistake.  There was no spilled salt trail down the hallways, nor was there a note from a neighbors saying, “Hey, so I dumped salt by accident in front of your door.”  This deliberate clear drawn line of salt was left for me—for my protection—my demise?!

“Salt is insanely magic. Especially sea salt. Nearly every single culture considers it protective.  Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde lore has it that you can put a line of salt across your threshold to keep those would wish you ill out, put in a circle around you to do a spell ‘in private’ and sprinkle it in all corners of your house/a room.” — Mystic Medusa

“If ants are beating a path to your home, intercept them by sprinkling salt across the door frame or directly on their paths. Ants will be discouraged from crossing this barrier.” — Reader’s Digest

“If a woman sprinkles some salt from her house to yours, it will give you bad luck until you clean the salt away and put pepper over your door sill”. — Wikipedia, Louisiana Voodoo

“Sprinkling salt near someones front door is supposed to protect them in modern Wicca. Evil cannot cross a salt line.” — ChaCha x

“If you want someone to never come back there is a ritual you do three mornings in the row. What you do is you go out and make line in front of the door with salt and say some words and that will keep that person away.” Sladjana 

What did I do?  I left the line of salt there for about 24 hours, mostly out of busyness and laziness.  Returning home  tipsy that evening I drew a trail of salt inside of my doorway and went to bed.  The next morning I vacuumed up both lines of salt and shook my head at its absurdity.  Who would’ve thunk I’d be introduced to such rituals by force.  Even so, this summer’s been a damn good one thus far.  But for good measure, I best-a sprinkle pepper and hang some garlic above my doorway.


6 thoughts on “Salt Across My Doorway

  1. M- I never heard of this ritual. You handled it well and didn’t freak out. I think it’s good to take some precaution though. My suggestion would be to spiritually and energetically keep yourself protected at least within the building. Try not to be open to any negative energy at least for the next few weeks sort of brace yourself a bit just in case someone is trying to steal a bit of your joy. Happy Summer and i’m sure you’ll be just fine.

  2. Hello M,
    I dream of salting my door; now I dream of salting my enemies’ doors. Ha! Today. What an awesome photograph of a doorway. The color reminiscent of Southwestern US color used for protection, I’d love a picture of this doorway to put on my door. Subliminal message: I am going in, protected, and you are not.
    I am just learning the sucking energy others can produce in the environs and the mind, when they aggress, digress, jar my serenity.
    Out with their talking heads!
    I also love this lavender quilt grid you use for guests. Clean, minimal, enlightened page. Bet you are a zen interior designer. I thought my web person gave me something for my signature. Did you create or find this? Can you help me with a page for my not-for profit: Women Without Lawyers. Waiting for the right assistance; mine dropped out, but I like your uncluttered style more. And SALT IN DOORWAY, CLEARING let me here. Ha!

    • Hi Marie!

      Thanks for reading. It’s funny you mentioned the whole interior design thing. I actually blog for an interior design company. And though I’m not a trained designer, I will be smug and say that I am very good at designing and styling interiors — I do tend to go for a more mid-century/minimalistic style…

      If you’re serious about wanting some help with your page, blogging, SEO, etc, drop me a line at

      Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy the weekend!

  3. You know my vocation… so I owe a little input.
    Indeed salt has been, for many ages, a powerful protection against many levels of malice. If the person who laid this line did NOT know it served as your protection…someone(s) who watch over you did and thwarted any untoward intent from the start. Meanwhile… know that whoever was responsible has your best interest at heart; be it a corporeal someone or non-corporeal.

    Here’s a fine tuning for your specific use. When calling White Light for protection you may note that this protects and defends one against all comers… including friend sometimes and often fans. To keep the way open to friends, fans, supporters, clients, etc… those positively disposed toward you – Call a Pink Light. Likewise for salt… use pink (Himalayan is very very good for this) salts.

    I will be laying something down shortly about detecting magick. Here’s a very rational way to determine validity; I call it the punch card method, named after the early medium of computer programming. Computers used to be programmed by punching tiny rectangular holes in lines on 3″x6″ (I believe) cards. Each hole represented a single point of data (a datum) – these were the early “Lines of Code” (LOC). Now if you take each card to be a theory, religion, paradigm of some sort (Christianity, science, Voodun, etc) and each hole to be an idea in that card’s point of view…you could batch several cards together, hold them up to the light and see which holes go all the way through. Those ideas are the ones central to humanity. this is what you have done in your comparison of ideas about salt. So many cultures with the same belief, coming from different times and locations are probably onto something. This idea may serve you well…until enlightenment.

    As always – my love and admiration are yours.

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