You Got to Have Jay-Oh-Bee…

Took me some time to realize that the pressure is good. It also could be called desire. Passion. Pressure is healthy–the opposite of being depressed which (I’ll admit in a non-attention hogging sort of way) I had for a considerable amount of time. Nonetheless, the fact remains : if I want to keep my adorable one-year-old 401K plan growing, I need to keep my shit together. And with that said, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be starting a Community Manager position with an innovative, green company called, PlanetUp. Though my excitement overrides the anxiety. The pressure of doing well haunts me. So I coach myself, I say, “Self, it’s good to be nervous. Simply wonderful to feel the pressure of success licking hot flames upon your neck. Ride with it. It’s life baby. Life gets hot.” But what I’m saying to myself is more than optimistic jargon. It’s a useful tool. And so while I’m young, willing and able to do more than just perform the acts of sexitime. I’m also willing to get things done proper, cause I’ve got bills to pay.

(Good ‘ol Gwen Guthrie might have been able to live in a time where men paid you bills, but this is fortunately (?) not my case. )

Do Your Thang

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