To Soothe My Mode of Transport Woes

I’m getting really fed up with only having a bicycle to tow my ass around lately.  Have been carrying books, laptops, chap-stick, keys, condoms, bike locks, bananas, coffee, lipstain, lunch, resumes, groceries, plants, wine, hats, notepads, shoes, #2 pencils, sweaters, vinyl, cameras, speakers, and six-packs on my bicycle. And this shit’s starting to get old.  But I can’t take my legs for granted. I’m young, willing and able to keep my booty and heart-rate in shape.  I save mad dough on gas and oh yeah, umm, the environment–guess that was the whole point.  This goes out to the hot ladies keeping their bicycle saddles warm all day, everyday.

Photo’s courtesy of Painted Bird, Nasty Gal Vintage, Bikes + Babes.                                              >>> Need A Lift?

5 thoughts on “To Soothe My Mode of Transport Woes

  1. Love these photos, I’m going to sell my car and buy a new camera! Can’t wait. I’m working four miles from my house come sept and will certainly be biking to work!

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