Italians Do It Better

…sometimes. Italians Do It Better is a record label that has been swarming in some circles for several years. Yet now more than ever I can appreciate the full, robust, savory, familiar and comforting Italian flavor. Remember the show Twin Peaks and the film Fire Walk With Me? I do. Italian-American Angelo Badalamenti composed a grip of David Lynch’s movies and curated the vibe for many of his well known cult-classics. It’s no wonder that a couple days back I posted a track from Chromatics who also run under IDIB label; not to mention the 45 inch vinyls peppered amongst my humble record collection. But it really wasn’t until sitting down in Sundance Cinema’s Kabuki theatre this past weekend that I became enwrapped by Cliff Martinez, ‘Drive’ score composer and longtime musician, and his connection between all of these proper Italian musicians. Because I don’t watch television often enough, (preferably spending my hours looking in front of a 13-inch mackbook screen of endless tumblr blogs) I wasn’t familiar with the flick and thought it was going to be a poorly done, ironic indie production of Driving Miss Daisy. Wrong.

This eerie, hard-driving, thumping track, a relic of the 80′s heartthrob genre, has been on my dome and on repeat for days. …Brings me to the epiphany that perhaps today’s modern musicians and producers of noisy electronic music should probably get more clout in the industry.

Do Your Thang

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