The Great Oakland Obstacle

I’m not referring to Occupy Oakland, or any of the other worthy headline-news events taking place in the town I’ve called home for the total duration of one week.

I’m talking about the obstacle of moving into a quaint, 1 bedroom apartment with another writer (who also wants his own designated writing space), 1 dog, 1 closet, 20 plants, and way too much crap.  Along with the great tasks of hustling my craft and feeding myself, I’m also putting belongings on sale on craigslist, and decorating.  It hasn’t been easy for me. We’re talking about someone with a Virgo moon who wants everything in its right place immediately.  Not to mention my little-to-no budget for paint, furniture and organizational components.

All of which has me thinking a lot about interior design—out of both necessity and curiosity.  The timing couldn’t have worked out more perfectly now that I’ve been rubbing elbows with a Bay Area interior design firm.  This is the beginning of the home transformational journey of the Baltimore woman living the Oakland Obstacle.

5 thoughts on “The Great Oakland Obstacle

    • Bah. The original spot wasn’t quite what I was looking for–couldn’t be happier with where I’m at now! It’s perfect.

      Hope you’re well, Nicki!

  1. Remember baby make the room in your heart; and it will all fall in place. You have always done that, is your best quality (LOVE). I love you always, and miss you bad.

    Mommy : )

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