TGIF Throwback — Public Schools

Listening to a podcast from Fair‘s Counterspin got me thinking: Why is the government all of the sudden so sprung on Charter Schools? Are Public Schools really that bad? After the disaster in Louisiana we saw so many pop up—virtually out of no where. And I’m beginning to suspect it’s because there’s a lot of money to be made. According to several current studies within the Tennessee Department of Education, Charter students don’t score much better than the latter. Board member David Pickler states:

“They are effectively using our schoolchildren as laboratory experiments,” he said, citing 2009 Stanford University research that showed that only 17 percent of charter schools in 16 states outperformed traditional schools. More than 35 percent performed below par in the 2009 study.”

Many other highly accredited educators, Jim Horn for example, have been following the subject and can probably give you better information regarding this subject matter. Pop quiz on Monday.

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