Let The Sunshine In

In eleventh grade, I was in a small singing ensemble called the “New Horizons”, (spoiler alert. I was in band from 4th grade until 10th grade and sang in choir from nine years old, all the way through college). We were your typical high-school troop who sang dated, cheesy songs from our mothers and grandmother’s era at luncheons, nursing homes, retirement parties and in-school assembly’s.

I loved it, despite the sparkly vests and hideous dance shoes. It wasn’t until I saw the image above, posted on a local vintage blog, that I was reminded of a song we sang in New Horizons nearly 15-years-ago.  “Aquarius (let the Sunshine in)” by The 5th Dimension.  I adored singing that song, in all its key changes and psychedelic soul exchanges.  But in a time without youtube, I was clueless that the entire 5-piece ensemble were all black folks – beautiful black women and men who have been together as a group since 1966 and still are today.

5 thoughts on “Let The Sunshine In

  1. Mennlay, everyone reading your blog seems to really like the New Horizons…a reunion tour?

    I can relate to having to wear outfits to perform…once I was in an andean folk ensemble and I had to wear a poncho with llhamas….

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