I found it strange that I posted this exactly a year ago when just two weeks prior, I was actually sitting with my esteemed mother  — getting my hair braided.  Guess not much has changed since last year. You wouldn’t understand.


Got my hair braided today.  I took a ten year break from it, but have recently started up again.  Only this time I’m 4,000 miles away from my hairdresser–my mother–I miss her.  The way she smelled of rose petals and freesia as I sat between her lap for hair-braiding and a long chat.  She never pulled my hair too tightly, always made sure I had something yummy to eat.  It was our time to check in.  My sweet mother, her soothing voice and gentle hands.  She is the reason why I am so beautiful.  I can’t wait to kiss her silky cheeks again.

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