Why My Blog Sucks Better Than I Do

There’s no excuse really for the lack of real talk blogging on m-squared this past year — but I’ll still list a few:

  1. I feel extremely empty inside only writing about what’s going on in my life. What about what’s going on in yours?
  2. I’m so tired of looking at a computer screen after writing blog entries for my fantastic decent paying  job that when I look at my own blog I’m baffled that there was a time that I did this shit for free. Thank god I didn’t take up prostitution, all of my lover’s would’ve left me much sooner for the high-cost rates of dating a girl like me and not my addiction to putting my life on blast in a blog.
  3. In attempts to lessen my chances of adding another fee (aka eyeglasses) onto my out-of-pocket health care costs, I find it best to take a break from the crackmacbook as many hours as I possibly can. This means stepping away from the laptop after a 10 hour day: to reading dat book, walk the dog, and binge drink at the bar — in that exact or reverse order.
  4. Now that I’ve been 29 for 1 month and several days in counting, I find it distasteful to continue using my blog as a life journal.  Don’t I still pay $175 a month for the students loans racked up in hopes to be a journalist? Yes! Well it’s time to fucking be one, Mennlay. Psh.
  5. I’m lax.

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