The Invisible Bike Helmet

So if you know me outside of my alter ago — M-squared, you know that I’ve been an avid bike-rider for over a decade.  You’ve heard me complain about public transportation, about cars, about sweating too much before I get to the club, and almost always about wearing a helmet.

I often times come off a little too self-righteous about my carbon footprint than I’d like to.  Though I am willing to take the blame for being too sexy for my helmet.  Don’t bother yelling at me.  I have my excuses dialed-in: I tell myself that it’s okay to not wear a helmet if it’s daytime, that if I don’t cross Caesar Chavez or Market Street I’m okay, that if I know exactly where I’m going there’s no need, that if my hairstyle is too big for a helmet then I shouldn’t put it on.  More times than not, I don’t wear a helmet.  What’s worse is that I just spent a good deal of money on my recent bike helmet (that has yet to be stolen by a crackhead) because it was made for a woman…or whatever “Chat” or “Dusty” at the bike shop said.

HÖVDING aka The invisible bike helmet appeals to me because of its innovation process that was a brainchild of two Swedish women — and  let’s be real — that’s hot.  So basically, this ‘helmet’ acts like an airbag, only inflating when you are in an accident.  There is an on off button and you simply place it around your neck.  If anything it looks more like a circle scarf than a helmet.  And as of now you can purchase it in black and some cheesy paisley print, which is fine, because they’re suppose to be coming out with different prints as we speak.  I won’t bore you with my fucked up version of how it works.  If you’ve read this far and want to know more, go to their website, or peep the video below. I think I might get one for the hollydaze since it appears to be coming up very soon. WTF.

2 thoughts on “The Invisible Bike Helmet

  1. This is incredible! I want one! Thanks for spreading the word. I’m going to share this with my readers

    • Me too, ‘Mo! At the moment, it’s about 500 bones. But because of its rapidly increasing popularity there’s no doubt that the price will go down dramatically and the production quality will improve.

      In the meantime, I best put on the one I have. Le sigh…

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