Haters Gon Hate: GRIMES

So, as many of you may know, when I like something I play it OUT.  I’ve been unabashedly listening to ‘Genesis’ from Grimes’ new album for about two and a half weeks straight; with some random 90’s hip hop and freak folk peppered into my playlist(s).  To my pleasant surprise, the video came out a little under a month ago.  And I’m gonna just go out and say that I’m just as smitten with her and the damn song.  Her, as in Claire Boucher, the early 20-something year old Canadian artist who some may find extremely annoying.  Though I too sometimes fall suit to hating on chicks who do the whole “sexy baby” thing—I’m still down for her technical/electronically engineered musicianship, playful ethereal voice and style to boot.  (I might add that the song itself is probably more enjoyable if you’re not watching the video… For those of you who don’t have the same weirdo wide scope of interest as I do.)

8 thoughts on “Haters Gon Hate: GRIMES

  1. Wooow. That was very different. haha. I like it though and despite having a broad taste in music as you do, electronic usually doesn’t make the cut. But yea that was hot!

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