20 More Reasons to Love Baltimore, Other Than ‘The Wire’

1.  I was raised there from the age of six to 21-years-old before moving out West.

2. The Baltimore Orioles, who’ve made a fairytale comeback this season!

3. Because the city of Baltimore and mostly the entire state of Maryland is surrounded by water—lakes, rivers, marshes, the bay, and the ocean. Consider it a dirtier version of Stockholm, Sweden

4. Black and White poor people co-exist peacefully and have been successfully breeding interracial children before it was cool.

5. The original origin of the “Yo Boy”

6. You call the people you love and hate, “hon”.

7. Because vintage shopping is like stealing beautiful forest green 1950’s suede pumps with leather detailing from an old lady for, like, 5 dollah.  And then several years later your puppy will eat only the left shoe.

And the following amazing people who were born or grew up in B-more:

8. Jon Waters

9. Spank Rock

10. David Byrne

11. Bubbles

12. Mennlay Aggrey

13. Cab Calloway

14. Angela Dawson

15. Ira Glass

16. Nancy Pelosi

17. Edgar Allen Poe

18. Sisqó aka “The Thong Song”

19 Victoria Legrand (Beach House)

20. Because one day I will move back and you can come over anytime for Sazeracs while we watch the entire first season of ‘The Wire’.

5 thoughts on “20 More Reasons to Love Baltimore, Other Than ‘The Wire’

  1. And perhaps if I don’t move, we can hang out! It’s dreary here today…and appropriately, it is Poe’s birthday.

    That thong, thong thong thong thong.

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