Sloppy Workshop

So I drag my ass and a friend to a writing workshop. We bike for almost a half-hour through the blustery rain and cold of Brooklyn. This is my first time attending a workshop since living in San Francisco.

We walk in the building, up the elevator, into the hall, over the river and through the woods. I instantly feel sorry for him—my friend. We finally walk into the room and it’s only the two of us and the instructor.  She’s mousy, with a twang in her voice that’s not southern, but more of a contrived New York accent.  Something maybe she’s developed over the years of always having a cold and going to Pratt Institute.  She’s dressed in tights, a crew-neck, and a shirt underneath that appears to be a dress, but it barely covers her women parts. It’s as if she considers tights real pants. Something that even I, in the 30 degree weather, wouldn’t do.

Other people begin to trickle in but each one of them are female and a woman of color.  Poor thing.  I look at my friend and try to make a gesture of remorse without having the others notice my glance.

It turns out that the workshop is merely for free writing. No previous written work is allowed to be read aloud. I took an hour out of my crazy day to bring along some crap I’d written and printed from an old Microsoft Word document.  My friend and I both put our “previous written” work away and open our wide ruled notebook. I begin to write my first assignment, an autobiography. We are given five minutes to work.

I lie in my autobiography and write that my father died in 1987.

7 thoughts on “Sloppy Workshop

  1. It’s good to know you are still pursuing writing…So many fine arts majors(myself included) let arts go by the wayside when they start to work for money. Best mark

    • Don’t give me too much credit, Mark. I’ve been slipping—hard—especially on the creative writing scene. But I’m lucky enough to be slinging the blog game with LOCZIdesign and that keeps me writing at least once a week.

      Thanks for the encouragement though. How’s the teaching gig going?!


  2. I like to teach even though it is just in an after school program. My mom passed last year and I was just so sad….getting out the door and hanging with second graders really helped. They are smart, funny, crazy, really frustrating and also very sweet. I have worked for SF Unified for a long, long time and count my blessings.

    You have a nice warm writing voice and you should continue to write!!


    • WOW. I meant to thank you for this and express my condolences and warm wishes to you but somehow that did not happen. So sorry…

      I hope all is wonderful with you in the beautiful place we know and love called San Francisco!

  3. Hey Miss M we actually had a writer’s workshop here at school….a fourth grade girl wrote the following poem. I thought it was way cool….hope all is well

    “Music should wear notes
    Music should sing lullabies to the babies
    so they can go to sleep
    Music should dance merenge”

  4. Thanks Miss M!! Glad you liked it. Sometimes I am surprised by the quality of the writing and art of children. I am not always moved by a lot of it but sometimes an unassuming little kid will create something of real beauty. I will tell the girl’s aunt that you were kind of enough to post her poem.

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