The Sound of May: Laura Mvula – Can’t Live With The World

This song, accompanied by James Swindell’s music video, is simply stunning. And though life hasn’t been so exemplary for miss M, the melodies found in this particular tune makes today feel as if I am floating in a bounty of clouds and grace… Laura Mvula’s freshmen album titled, Sing To The Moon is very polished; the kind of song you’d hear in a grown and sexy cafe or coffee shop. Heavily mastered tracks are not typically what I am drawn to, but I guess I am growing up a bit more everyday. And in so I realize that sometimes being polished is more than okay.

Happy May Day

(Music video by POWSTER directed by James Swindells. Listen to her album, here.)

3 thoughts on “The Sound of May: Laura Mvula – Can’t Live With The World

  1. I have always had a wide spectrum of what I consider beautiful, appealing (very, very high praise, so to speak, in my department), what is pretty, attractive if challenging, etc. I have quite a few distinctions…And yet, here is what I have come to notice, recently:

    It takes time to recognize beauty. The more time you accumulate, the better the ‘eye’ for beauty.

    It’s like sitting in the wilderness. If you sit, quietly, looking, for long enough… Nature, with her innumerable secrets, begins to show herself: a cloud like you’ve never seen, a sound that you’ve never noticed, a coyote, a coyote, then suddenly a rare bobcat sighting. Recently, for me, it’s been eagles in the wild and whales heading north for the summer.

    Same is true for music (the language of something we cannot see) and people.

    Take you, for example. I happen to know that you are unique, beautiful in an unexpected and deeply appealing way. Your pic, here, shows a different side… the side of you that is simply gorgeous; beautiful in a way that most anyone can understand in a moment. And yet, I know there is so much more beauty and magnificence that is you… I’ve seen it.

    Keep listening…you’ll like it.

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