Second Floor of a Woman’s Heart

This spacious and sunny two bedroom is great for artists, a couple, or small family.  It is as charming as a mother-in-law but much more modern and forgiving. When it rains, pay extra attention to the crack in the ceiling, that was from 2005 when he told her, “If it’s love than let it go and it will come back to you.” Shortly after she found out that he slept with a friend who was married with a young daughter.

With one and a half baths, you can have the privacy and luxury of taking long baths uninterrupted by guests, feelings, stress, or the thought of that sad time in your life where you also took nude bath-time photos for multiple recipients—you were hungry for attention. The powder room is spacious and offers a small window that gets plenty of natural light for plants. Remember when he bought you that abnormally huge orchid for Valentines Day that you didn’t really want?

The bedrooms speak for themselves and though the master bedroom is one that you can show off to new lovers with double walk-in closets and floor-to-ceiling windows; the second bedroom has the potential for long-term romance especially during winter months with its working fireplace and small chandelier. It’s also perfect for those willing to let go of the seemingly cool and narcissistic lifestyle to encounter by chance the joys and meaning of having a child.

Too the living room and kitchen have the potential to be real show-stoppers, if blessed with imagination and the desire to make one’s home a true sanctuary. A sanctuary will surely soothe and calm you from the ill and sometimes unpleasant world of lies, adultery, murder, and death—that is, if you plan to do all of those things outside of your home.

Asking price for first month and security is brutal honesty.

4 thoughts on “Second Floor of a Woman’s Heart

  1. I would love to hear you read this.

    Love / Truth / Beauty. If these were the three sides of which all humanity were comprised, doled out one to a customer, such that you HAD to choose one as home base for all of your human lifetimes, which would you choose?

    Take your time to think or feel this one through.
    See if your last answer matches your first.

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