That’s Okay, I was Ready

'Street Poetry' Photo by J. Quazi King; NY 2013

Gently dosing off and on. Waking pleasantly to cotton puffs of clouds and an ombre horizon. It was the closest that he was going to get to heaven and that was okay with him.

Adin never desired to be accepted by the crowds, by the Lord, nor the adult equivalent of the cool. Those surface level situations never brought him to a higher sense of self. They instead heightened his sense of disgust for those ill curated groups of humanity.

He preferred to bask in the splendor of wicked humor and deception. The untidiness of clashing friends; the contradictory items in his closet and refrigerator defined him more than his lovers. And there were many lovers. Most were women. Most were alive, steadfast, and saw the best in him.

This time when Adin awoke he rubbed away the haze of his exact latitude and longitude, settling into the unknown. He felt a gentle stir from his eldest daughter resting her head on his right shoulder. To the left of his shoulder, sleepy day-lit stars prematurely began to show their shine. It was at that moment when he let go of life and braced the brazen destiny of death.

6 thoughts on “That’s Okay, I was Ready

  1. Really nice kinda sad post miss m…..Did you see that Bobby (Blue) Bland passed away yesterday? He was really a great singer. He could do both the uptempo stuff like “Turn on Your Love Life” and also the really tender stuff like “I’ll Take Care of You”. One of my favorite guys.

    • I’ve heard his “i’ll take care of you” sampled for years and never knew it was him—gawd, it’s so good! Though he passed, it’s beautiful that he kept his career and art going on up until his death.

      …hope you’re well, Mark!

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