The Holy Matrimony

Silvério Pina By Mustafa Sabbagh via tumblr

for Ericka and Terence

There was a time when they thought all love was the same. Conditional. No matter if you were someone’s daughter, lover, or mother it was allotted at the same rate of equal devotion.

As it turns out it’s situational. Occasional, and definitely delicious. But like eating too many chips after a long night of drinking and drugging — you feel gross inside. You take a minute before dozing off and involuntarily think about all the people you’ve slept with — devoured intimacy with — to find out what the conditions were.

Born again virgins have it all right. Here me out for a second

Let’s face it, we were born to fuck. And if you and the person you have waited your entire life to marry and yet still can’t figure it out after a few good tries, then you should just kick that innate habit altogether.

My stomach grew mold from the way he looked and me

7 thoughts on “The Holy Matrimony

  1. Dear Miss M

    Kinda of quiet on M-squared so I checked out dj m-squared. Sounded nice! The newer stuff I didn’t know but I do know and love “The Plea”. In fact I believe that Arlene Smith the lead vocalist of Chantels was a special ed teacher in New York. Hope all is well, Mark

    • Mark! You are probably the only person I swear who has noticed my slight disappearance and for that I am sorry and at the same time grateful.

      New York is grand though I can’t seem to stop moving. Instead of writing you a novella, maybe I’ll post something with a nod to you.

      How’s the Bay? I miss it now that things are officially COLD out in these parts…

      • Hey Miss M, FKA Twigs “Water Me” sounded good. And I am not lying like the time I told my friend’s kid’s that I liked Robin Thicke’s video. It sounded sad and etherial (sp) I should probably go look at the lyrics. She has a cool look also.

        You work at a dj store? Like everyone else that is something that I always wanted to try but I am not sure how to approach it or how much market there would be for early sixties soul and r&b.
        San Francisco is good – sunny days with a touch of autumn in the air. Your move sounds really exciting and I am wishing you all the best.

      • Hahahah! You’re a gas. Yeah, I’m not entirely how sure I feel about that creepy Robin character.

        But are you kidding me?! There’s a huge and prosperous market for early 60’s soul and R&B! I just slept on this repress of a William Onyeabor single repressed all the way from Nigeria… We had two copies in the store — out of the 300 repressed worldwide and now already after only a couple weeks, it’s over $100.00 on discogs and not to mention sold out.

        Besides, actually working at the record store is overrated as far as money is concerned. But the opportunity in such a hub of authentic creation and musical craftsmanship both electronically and more organic and minimal, is immensely invaluable. I hope soon to show the world what my heart sounds like…

        Sorry for the long-winded corny response! Best, M.

      • Miss M you actually played William Onyeabor on M-squared I believe! Once I almost worked in a record store. The owner of Rooky Ricardo’s on Haight Street wanted a record clerk but wanted to pay me in records not cash. At the time I needed the cash. Hope all is well.

      • I miss Rooky Ricardo’s. There aren’t very places here like that — that much I will say.

        Ya! I love William Onyeabor, which is more why I’m disappointed with not getting that repress. I did pick up the “Who Is William Onyeabor” album they just put together. It gives me solace. Have a great week@

  2. Hey Miss M checked out dj m-squared! Sounded nice. Some of the newer stuff I didn’t know but I do know and love “The Plea”. I believe that Arlene Smith (lead Chantel vocalist) was a special ed teacher in New York. Wishing you well..mark

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