That New New: FKA Twigs


It’s been a couple months since the buzz of FKA Twigs swarmed the beat-head scene. Breaking out with ‘Water me’ a track that transcends both with or without its distorting official video produced by Jesse Kanda. What’s more, the production of her entire EP that I coped at (my second job) Turntable Lab , evokes a half asleep, half angry, half sad, half hungry episode of love. Much like the XX and other kinfolk on the Young Turks label, I hope to find that her upcoming LP takes me on a soundscape journey all winter long as I settle into a new flat with my sweetie.

Be back soon. Promise.


One thought on “That New New: FKA Twigs

  1. Hey Miss M Have you ever heard Tanya Stephens? She pretty much gets hit that “dancehall label” but I think she is way cool and lot more than normal dancehall. I love “Hope You Can’t Breathe” (she is a little rough on ex-boyfriends), “Little White Lie” and especially “Do You Still Care”. I’ve wanted to see her but reggae headliners come on too late in the night for me. Hope you are well and wishing you a great Christmas. Mark

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