Nature Boy

The first song from recording artist JoJo Bleaktime is

A sentimental urban serenade / lonesome artifice in a cacophonous world

written by eden ahbez

produced by JoJo Bleaktime

photograph by M. Aggrey

3 thoughts on “Nature Boy

  1. Hey Miss M. I just saw that there was going to be a performance of William Onyeabor music in SF! Looks like David Byrne is headlining it along with Joshua Redmon and a bunch of others. I was always a little unsure if I liked David Byrne’s vocals….Hope all is well.

  2. Hey Miss M
    I would like to check it out and give you a review…not sure if I could get any of my buddies to go with me though..David Byrne lives in New York so I would think you might get this..Here is a little Delroy Wilson for your listening pleasure.

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