Flashback Friday: Bring Back Our Girls


little girls pumping water in Liberia, Afrca — Mennlay Aggrey

I know the World Cup is so fucking exciting and interesting and invigorating, but what happened to that other huge media frenzy called #bringbackourgirls? Despite the international coverage that finally caught on three weeks after the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls, the majority of them are still missing.

Reports state that, on May 21, U.S. President Barack Obama informed the House Speaker that the U.S. would be sending around 80 armed forces members to Chad to help search for the girls, who had been captured just over a month earlier. The military personnel would help with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over northern Nigeria and the surrounding area. Other countries, including Canada, Britain, France and China said they too would also provide assistance.

But so far, nothing. Of the 395 students who were at the secondary school in the village of Chibok, near the Cameroon border, on April 14 during the siege, 219 remain unaccounted for. Meanwhile, witnesses say these pieces of shit have abducted 60 more girls and women and 31 boys from villages in northeast Nigeria.

For more information as to the current status of the kidnapping, listen to this NPR story.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Bring Back Our Girls

  1. Oh, Miss M what kind of world is this?? Seems like a lot wars and trouble now. At the risk of dating myself I remember being draft eligible during the Vietnam War and receiving a draft lottery number of 310. It meant that I wouldn’t be drafted. My dad and I used to fuss at each other everyday but when I got this lottery number we both cried and hugged. Just a sweet moment. Looking forward to reading more M-squared in the fall! Best, Mark

    • i’m looking forward to it as well, hopefully i’ll be more inclined to actually write something. i’ve been feeling rather manic depressed and going through the mundane emotions of work, drinking, and trolling the web — not in that particular order but sometimes in that exact order. i hope you’re well and enjoying the SF summer!


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