A March Against Racismo, National Day of Action: Wave of Indignation

Today in Washington DC, thousands of demonstrators will march in theunindicted “Justice for All” gathering to honor the unarmed black men killed by  police officers. They will be led by the NAACP, the family of  Michael Brown, Eric Garner, 12-year-old Tamir Rice and others who see different police standards for how suspects are treated, according to their race. This protest is in conjunction with decisions in Missouri and New York not to indict police officers involved in the deaths of two black men.

However some activists who have been disillusioned by Sharpton and the traditional black leadership are not planning to attend and will be instead participating in the “National Day of Action: Wave of Indignation mach also planned for today.

The site Popular Resistance calls National Day of Action, ” [A] movement for justice has been dubbed a “Wave of Indignation” across the country. What started as an urban revolt of young black people in Ferguson, MO has grown into a national movement for Black lives. The entire nation is awakening to the reality of our broken criminal justice system. We cannot stop or slow down now. This Saturday, we’re taking things to the next level.”

Dozens of newspapers report that organizers said buses would be arriving from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Florida and elsewhere. Although I will unfortunately not be marching in the US, my heart and mind and the words that come from my mouth today will be dedicated to those men and to the injustice of people all over the world.

I hope you can participate today.


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