Don’t Hate – Congratulate


This cute kid above is how I feel; image by photographer Emily Stein


A saying from the 90’s, an ex-lover’s playlist and our new mantra. I’m guilty as well. A self-proclaimed hater. A hater of disrespect. A hater of inauthenticity. A hater of sexism, racism, and classism.

Although trite, let us remember that we live in a world that is systematically trying to shut us down daily. This makes it even more disheartening to see a growing number of heads within parallel counter cultures publicly blast, hate, and shame people for their efforts to creatively express themselves.

The gumption and courage it takes to showcase work artistically is fucking massive. So why do so many feel the need to criticize? We use the words “gentrify”, “black”, “white”, “rich”, “poor”, “gay”, but these are just ways to further separate us. The powers that be couldn’t give a fuck about us as a whole or divided. In fact, you know and I know they prefer to have us divided, stupid, in front of this screen — hating on each other.

Listen, we have to grow together. If you come up, I come up. It’s OKAY to not be the only one making art, producing music, writing, dancing, singing and receiving justified exposure. Not everything will sit well with us, sometimes if we don’t like another person’s form of expression we can try to shut up, keep moving, and doing what we do. Talking shit comes off as immaturity while displaying insecurities tied to vanity. Let’s elevate above that.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Hate – Congratulate

  1. Besides so much music and art are not to my taste right now I would run out of breathe if I complained about all of it. I do complain a little but its a losing battle. I think it is easier for a people to in a way step around what isn’t right for them and to try and find and support art and music that fills their emotional needs. Lucky for me I live in the BayArea and there’s still good stuff going on.

  2. At home with with a cold/flu and my CRAZY SPCA dog blasting this Frighjtnrs record! Out on Daptone, Same guys that do Sharon Jones

    If you are done with your blog its cool but you should keep on writing.

    • Such a sad day when she passed — I’m not done, Mark! I promise. Moving today into a new place here in Mexico City after spending about a month in California. Things are swirling wild and crazy but beautifully.

      Hope you’re well — Happy Holidays!

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