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Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey is a writer, content creator, and designer. Considered a nomadic nester she currently resides in Mexico City and Northern California. Slightly obsessed with indoor gardening, photography and house music, Mennlay is able to capture complex modern culture and authentic experiences into her work. Since 2010 this blog has been dedicated to the interesting and not so interesting aspects of her full life.

Mennlay holds a degree in Journalism and Kinesiology. Client list include: Whoopi & MayaOm Edibles, KestrelLOCZIdesignHyde Street Studio C, and PlanetUp. For all inquiries, please write to mennlay@gmail.com

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  1. ..the time has come..

    .. a facts a fact…

    ….it belongs to them…

    … let’s give it back…

    -midnite oil……betches!

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